Whether used for Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping or for more modern Massage Cupping, these clear cups have great visibility and strong suction designed for all cupping therapy treatments. We specifically chose the clear cups to market as they are our favorite due to the great visibility. You can see the color of the tissue through the cup to assist you with your determination of the amount of stagnation in the tissues. Use in Shower for best results with body wash or soap. These cups can be used stationary or for gliding with lubricant. Cupping can be used help eliminate and reduce pain from muscle spasms and help move lymph from swelling and pooling. Cupping can be used help eliminate and reduce pain from muscle spasms. 5 Minutes of CUPPING = 30 Minutes of Deep Tissue Massage that really works! Activate lymphatic system, detox your body, improve respiratory function, reduce hypertension. Say Good-Bye to muscle & joint pain, inflammation, and arthritis. Visibly firm skin, loose inches & weight, reduce cellulite, stretch marks, scars, spider veins, improve digestive function, use for post op recovery, physical therapy. Set includes: 4 cups for any type of massage: 1 X-Large (2.75in), 1 Large (2in), 1 Medium (1.5in), 1 Small (1.25in) cupping cups

Supreme 4 Cellulite, Weight-loss Shaping, Massage, Medical Cupping Therapy Set

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