For our new product, it has five colors light therapy.The light therpy colors can be green, yellow, pink, red and blue, when in differnt colors, it show different functions. This device have 4 electrical tips and 9 pieces of LED lamps for treatment.

And it has five energy mode, when you choose different mode level, you can share the cold and warm massaging therapy.

Poduct Feature:

1. Hand held,home use or travel use

2. 4 electrical tips and 9 pieces of LED lamps for treatment

3. 5 adjustable beauty mode showed on the LCD screen

4. Adopts 4 advanced beauty technologies:Radio Frequency(RF),EMS,Led light therapy,Acoustic vibration

Product Function:

1.Deep clean

2. Face lifting & tightening

3. Anti aging & Anti-wrinkle

4. Acne removal & Face whitening

5. About 10 minutes treatment daily can keep sharp body,smooth skin and young face

Led Light Functions

Red Light-wavelengt:520nm (35nm)

It can promote collagen regeneration, make the skin more elastic, suitable for relaxation or wrinkled skin use.

Green Light-wavelength: 520nm (35nm)

It can solve pigmentation, discoloration, freckles, sun spots and age spots. It can also dilute and reduce the existing pigmentation, improve the skin color, and protect the skin from future potential pigmentation crisis. Melanin grows on epidermal surface, green light can inhibit the excessive production of melanin, preventing the pigment growth.

Blue Light-Wavelength: 465nm: (35nm)

It can kill the bacteria, promote blood circulation. It also can penetrate the skin below the 0.25MM destroying bacteria living environment, eliminating acne on the skin, pain, congestion, which can make skin soothing and resting.


5 in 1 RF EMS Photon Skin Tightening Light Therapy Beauty Device