• Remove wrinkles, fine lines and get rid of sagging areas,
  • Eliminate scars, marks, blemishes and other imperfections,
  • Rejuvenate, firm and fill your facial skin.
  • Enhance your lips,
  • Correct your nose,

MAX Performance!

  • Highest pressure on the market,
  • Top efficiency in HA perfusion,
  • Up to 8mm skin penetration,
  • Great for Lipo Lab slimming needless penetration
  • Use at your beauty salon & at home


Package Included:
1 x Hyaluron Pen
1 x Top head 0.3ml
1 x Top head 0.5ml
2 x Empty Ampoule Head (0.3ml)
2 x Empty Ampoule Head (0.5ml)

2 in 1 Hyaluron Pen PRO

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