MesoTherapy Disposable Needles

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10 pcs 32G 4mm needles Fine Meso therapy For Injection Syringe Filler.

Ideal for MesoTherapy and delicate area under eyes.

.Each tip is individually sealed.

Color of plastic will vary by gauge of the needles, it is different from the pictured.

Mesotherapy tips are designed for skin booster treatments related to rejuvenation and skin hydration

They are manufactured with the use of laser sharpening technology.

Main Advantages:

  • Made out of high quality steel and sharpened by a laser.
  • Ultra thin walls and maximum sharp angle of cutoff makes it possible for the needle to penetrate into the epidermis easily.
  • BDs NEW patented 5-bevel needle tip is designed for more comfort. Clinical trials support improved patient comfort, easier insertion and overall preference. Sculpted to create a flatter, thinner surface that helps penetrate the skin with significantly greater easefor a smoother and gentler injection.
  • Sterile.
  • A short length enables pinpoint accuracy.
  • Quickly and easily penetrate.

Product Purpose:
Each tip is intended for a single use.

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